Solar WiFi Security Camera (UBox App)

How to share the camera with families?

  • Wednesday, 04 October 2023
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Please follow the below steps:

After adding the camera to UBox APP, you are the administrator of the camera. 

If you have added a camera on phone A (administrator) and want to view it on phone B (new phone), you can download and install the UBox APP on phone B, and use the email address of phone B to register and log in to the APP.

Then refer to the picture below to share the camera to phone B:

1.1 Click the share icon.

1.2 Tap  share

1.3 Enter the email address of mobile phone B

1.4 then tap Next

1.5 Tap Family member,

We recommend to select Family Member,

You can choose which is the best.

The UBox APP of mobile phone B:

2.1 The UBox APP of mobile phone B will push a message, tap "Accept". Now phone B can access the camera too.

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