Solar WiFi Security Camera (UBox App)

How long can the SD card record, can it record 24*7?

  • Tuesday, 24 October 2023
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This camera supports a 16G~128G micro sd card, usually a 32G sd card can save videos for 1 month, it is based on how often the camera is triggered per day. And if you do need it continues recording, go to camera setting-->Active time-->Always, then it will save a video every 5min, But this camera is powered by battery, it can only continue working for 12 hours. 

And If you need it full-time recording

Please follow the below steps:

1. Go to the camera live view page

2. Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner

3. Tap Record duration

4. Tap Full-time recording

5. Tap OKthen it will save a video every 5min, But this camera is powered by battery, and it can only continue working for 12 hours.

Remark:This is a low-power consumption camera. Its working principle is that when the camera detects pedestrians, the camera starts to work, and saves the motion detection video to cloud storage or SD card, and pushes an alarm notification. The camera sleeps when no pedestrians are detected, this is to save the camera's battery power.

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