"H" Series POE Camera & WiFi Camera

Why can not I add the new H Series WiFi camera?

  • Monday, 15 June 2020
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Some customers may have this type of problem on adding new wifi camera to Camhipro:


Below are the solutions:

I think this happened because you did not connect to the camera's wifi, please follow below steps to try. (If can not find camera SSID, please reset the camera first)

 Some phones will detect wifi signal to connect to the internet, even you connect to the camera's wifi at the beginning, but it will ask you to change back to your home network, because it can not connect to the internet, so you have to make sure always connecting to the camera's wifi when you setup. And when the camera is setup ready, the camera's wifi will turn off, your phone will change to your home network automatically, then you can access the camera anywhere, you can test with 4G and it will work now.

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