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How to watch camera live video on PC/MAC?

How to watch camera live video on PC/MAC?

  • Monday, 16 August 2021
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Because Adobe Flash has stopped supporting the web browsers, so we can not install it to watch live video on Chrome/Firefox/Edge, but we can still access the camera to setup with its local IP address.

Then how to watch live video on PC/MAC now?

1, If you use Windows PC, you can still use the Internet Explorer for locally visit, when you access the camera with its IP address at the first time, need install Plugin, then refresh/reopen the IE, allow the plugin working, the it should be ok.

2, If you use Windows PC, and want to access the the camera remotely, we recommend to use HIP2P software, please download from below link:


This software supports accessing the camera locally and remotely, when you open it first time after installation, login without password, click "+" to add all cameras in LAN automatically (camera can only be added when it keeps the default username and password)

3,If you use Apple MAC, please install MAC version via below link, and it is the same UI as windows pc.


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